Golf Cart Rental

Enjoy 30A while casually riding along in your golf cart!

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We rent 4 and 6 passenger electric golf carts and deliver all along 30A at no extra charge. Our LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) golf carts are street legal on all roads 35mph or less, so you are able to drive it all along 30A.

You will want to confirm with the property manager that you can have a rented golf cart from Shoreline and that there is an outlet for charging.

Bookings are based on a nightly rental rate, so book your rental based upon your arrival night and departure morning.  We will deliver your cart by 4pm on your arrival day/first day of your rental and pick up your cart the morning of your departure around 10am.

**Be advised that we cannot rent golf carts into the following locations:  Watercolor, Watersound, Prominence/The Hub, Rosemary, Alys Beach, the community between Rosemary & Alys, or Gulf Trace. Do not depend on the name of the community in the rental address, they are often inaccurate. Call the property manager first, and then, reach out to us if you have any question. There are no refunds on golf carts rented and then returned if not allowed at the property**